Wonderbly Avatars

  • React Component
  • React, Hooks, Sass
  • 2021

At Wonderbly we wanted to offer a more diverse range of characters in our books than the usual 6 boys and 6 girls. I was tasked to build a stand-alone component which guides the user through steps to create their personalised avatar.

In theory the component can be configured to offer a creation journey for each story with an infinite number of characters with an infinite number of steps and form fields offering any number of customisation params. Character types can also vary from each other, for example: adult and child.

With our current customisations we now offer over 1000 different combinations for each character type involving customisation such as glasses and even beards.

Under the hood the component and subcomponents are driven by a data provider and hooks. The customsaition journey is driven by a book schema endpoint and decorated with translatable content from our CMS. I worked hard to polish the user interactions and animations while trying to keep the code simple. Oh, and the component also supports editing of previously made avatars too.